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    I am feeling melancholy today. The sad truth is: The longer we live, the more loved ones we lose.  Every day there is someone, somewhere, pushing through their sorrow, trying hard to get on with their lives, and to live the best they can live, without their precious loved one. It is one universal experience that connects us all as Humans Beings. 

      If you believe as I do, then you know the soul and spirit live on. Still, even knowing that and having faith, we hurt and we yearn.  What can possibly help us move forward through this journey of grief, to help support us until we can, once again, remember our beloveds with a smile instead of tears ? Can anything at all really help get us to that moment where we can be joyful of the honor and opportunity to have known and been loved by our Dearest Passed Ones? I don't know for sure, but I am willing to do my part. My jewelry always helps me smile.

    What began as therapy for my own self and sorrows, and because of my passion for helping others, I am feeling guided toward wanting to use beautiful, meaningful stones, symbols and crystals to create spiritual healing bracelets, necklaces, whatever piece a person desires, as a physical reminder that we are loved by a Heavenly Loved One and they want us to have a full and purposeful life. 

     Do you love an angel? I would love to connect with you and find out if I can create something special for you, as a reminder that Love is Eternal. Please reach out to me, and I will work within a determined budget to make you a heartfelt, beautiful and meaningful memorial piece of jewelry. My dream is you will feel "touched by an angel" every day, and just maybe, it will help you find a deep spark of joy and love to light up your darkness.  

      I believe the therapeutic power is also in your helping to design a meaningful, symbolic piece of jewelry.  I look forward to helping you begin your Healing Journey, or simply supplying a heartfelt memento you love. I got you!

                                       Please contact me today.



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