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A Magical Moms Day 2020

A Magical Moms Day 2020

As a mother and a grandmother, the best gift someone can give to me, is something that shows I am well thought of and valued. In this surrealistic time where loved ones are having to keep away from eachother, those kinds of gifts are even more important.

Family photos mean more to me than I can express, especially if framed and mailed. Phone calls or Face-time chats? Priceless. A basket of spa goods, very nice...Sweets? Don't get me started! (yum)

Have you considered Birthstone Jewelry? So many different designs are possible with stones based on the birth months of all the family members! My son gave me a floating charm pendant on a chain, with a silver boy and girl charm, as well as an amethyst stone, inside, representing both my kids' birth month of February. (Okay, his wife probably figured out the gift but that counts). 

I, too, make Family Birthstone Jewelry. I recently completed a bracelet for a lovely woman who wanted SIX stones in it.  She wears it all the time. And I do mean "all the time". Like everywhere. In the shower, to bed. (I, by the way, discourage that) She loves it and it is meaningful to her. Brings her great joy. Which then, brings me great joy.

Is it too late to order a Moms Day Family Birthstone piece of jewelry? Well, yeah, probably. However, it is never too late to purchase a gorgeous heirloom quality jewelry set with your mom's (or the mom of your children's) favorite stone set in silver. 

I would love to help you chose something beautiful and meaningful for your mom. A piece or set to show just how valuable and appreciated your mom is to you and your family. It's never too late for that.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!  Cheers!

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